Off Khartoum Sides – director Marwa Zein (Sudan)

marwa-zeinIt is illegal to smoke or drink or walk without wearing Hijab and they come from minority tribes with no education. Off Khartoum Sides is the story of four young women who have been playing football in Khartoum, Sudan, for years and the obstacles they overcome daily in their lives.


Tiny Souls – director Dina Naser (Jordan)

dina-naserTiny Souls portrays and reflects the lives of children in Al Zaatari refugee camp through the life of Marwa. She came to live in this “temporary” camp with her family when she was 9 years old. Now 14 years old, Marwa and her family are suddenly faced with the reality of going back to Syria.


As I Want – director Samaher Alqadi (Egypt)

samaher-alqadiSamaher Alqadi weaves her journey for personal freedom together with the chronicles of selected Egyptian women who are fighting for their basic human rights in a society that is hostile and indifferent. It’s a personal search for the meaning of being a woman in today’s Arab society, and what is done to combat the diminishing status of women’s rights in Egypt.


Ibrahim – director Lina Alabed (Palestine)

lina-alabedIbrahim is a personal story about the director’s father, Ibrahim AlAbed, who was a member of the Revolutionary Council and disappears when the director is young. The film sketches a mental image of Ibrahim through his absence, but “Ibrahim” also draws a family portrait and trace’s back parts of the Palestinian resistance history.


On the Fence – director Nesrine Elzayat (Egypt)

nesrine-elzayatThree girls of different ages, living in different places; Cairo the capital of Egypt and Sohag in Upper Egypt. They feel alienated and detached from the place they are in and the society, living in closed communities with strict customs and traditions against women.