Meet the experts

The Market Forum every year presents a wide range of experts from large Nordic and Arab funds, institutes and companies. Meet the experts and learn more about new possibilities for funding, co-production and distribution.

We are currently in the process of confirming the attendance of the experts for the MAFF Market Forum 2017. To give you an idea of what kind of funds and institutes that attend the MMF, please check out the list of attending experts of 2016 below.


Danish Film Institute
The Danish Film Institute (DFI) is Denmark’s national agency for film and cinema culture, operating under the Ministry of Culture. We support the development, production and distribution of films. An important task of the DFI is to provide a framework for film funding which promotes diversity and risk-willingness in the industry. The DFI is especially focused on encouraging international partnerships.

Doha Film Institute
Doha Film Institute is dedicated to film appreciation, education, and building a dynamic film industry in Qatar that focuses on nurturing regional storytellers while being entirely global in its scope. The Institute supports emerging voices from Qatar and around the world, and provides them with creative and financial assistance so they can translate their stories into viable film projects.

Dubai Film Market with the fund Enjaaz
Dubai Film Market is a unique platform that aims to raise the visibility of Arab cinema in the region and at an international level – it’s the official film market of Dubai International Film Festival. Enjaaz, launched in 2009, is the Dubai Film Market’s post-production and production support programme.

Film i Skåne
Film i Skåne is a regional centre for film with the task of promoting all aspects of films. Through the co-production of short, documentary and feature films they attract capital that is spent in the region on services, facilities and labour that help develop the audio-visual infrastructure in Skåne. They take an overall view where the development of the audience, film makers and te media industry is a tool for developing the film environment in Skåne. Skåne and its role in the Öresund Region offers new opportunities for development and for wider alliances.

Film Väst
Film Väst is one of Europe´s most successful co-producers and Scandinavia´s preeminent regional film fund. Each year millions of cinema goers all over the world see a production co-produced by Film Väst. Over the years Film Väst co-productions have also been richly rewarded with nominations and awards at the world´s most prestigeous events including festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Toronto and galas such as Golden Globes, the European Film Awards and the Oscars.

Finnish Film Foundation
The Finnish Film Foundation supports and promotes the Finnish film industry by funding professional film production and the exhibition and distribution of films. The Foundation is also responsible for the cultural export of Finnish film and provides support for the international promotion of Finnish films.

Folkets bio
Folkets bio distribute and screen movies from all over the world. Folkets bio was founded in 1973 and is one of Sweden’s leading art house distributors with cinemas all over Sweden. Acquires all rights for Sweden and Scandinavia.

Luxor African Film Festival with the fund Etisal
The festival’s 6th edition will take place 16 – 22 of March, 2017. LAFF consists of four competitions: Long Narratives, Long Documentaries, Short Films (Narratives and Documentaries) and The International Competition of Freedom Films, beside other special sections. ETISAL Fund aims to support the uprising 18 to 30 years old African filmmakers, who currently live in Africa, to produce their films. Supporting production, promotion and distribution of African films, using modern digital technology and setting up a database for African films.

International Media Support
International Media Support is a non-profit organization working to strengthen the capacity of media to reduce conflict, strengthen democracy and facilitate dialogue. To achieve this, their work spans a wide range of areas that support and promote free and professional media. All of the work is done in close partnership with local media actors and international media support groups.

Icelandic Film Centre
The role of the Icelandic Film Centre is to fund Icelandic films and promote them abroad. The Icelandic Film Fund operates under the auspices of the Icelandic Film Centre. The role of the Icelandic Film Fund is to further Icelandic Filmmaking by providing financial support.

MAD Solutions/Arab Cinema Center
MAD Solutions is the first Pan-Arab independent studio and fully integrative marketing and creative consultancy for the Arab film and Entertainment Industry. Under the umbrella of MAD Solutions, the studio is supported by five pillars: MAD Marketing, MAD Content, MAD Distribution, MAD Culture and MAD Celebrity, which together are helping to usher in an exciting new generation of Arab filmmakers and entertainment talent.

The Arab Cinema Center was born with the mission to function as an international platform to promote Arab cinema and provide access to the best of Arab talent, films and companies participating in key film festivals.

Moroccan Centre for Cinematography/Festival International du Cinéma d’auteur de Rabat/Committee of film in Rabat
The Moroccan Centre for Cinematography is one of the world’s oldest public establishments tasked with regulating and promoting the Moroccan film.The main mission of the centre is to support the national film industry, promote the Moroccan cinema, regulate the various national film sectors and to promote international co-production with and in Morocco.

Festival International du Cinéma d’auteur de Rabat is an annual film festival in Rabat which focuses on the artistic aspects of cinema and film culture.

Nordisk Film och TV-fond
Established in 1990, and based in Oslo, Nordisk Film & TV Fond’s primary purpose is to promote film and TV productions of high quality in the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), by providing support for top-up financing of feature films, TV-fiction/drama-series and creative documentaries.

Southern Sweden Creatives
The Southern Sweden Creatives project supports small and medium- sized companies from the cultural and creative industries to grow internationally through professional business development, international exposure, and national coordination. The project focuses on southern Swedish companies that work primarily with film and tv, digital games, digital media and design.

Swedish Film Institute
The Swedish Film Institute works to promote film across the board. Its remit – to support the production of new films, the distribution and screening of worthwhile films, to preserve and promote Sweden’s film heritage and to represent Swedish film at an international level. The Film Funding department allocates funding for Swedish productions and co-productions of feature films, shorts and documentaries, and works to promote Swedish film internationally.

Southern Sweden Film Commission
The Southern Sweden Film Commission (previously Oresund Film Commission) was established in 2003 to promote the region as an international film location and to service international film- and TV productions shooting in the region. The commission is operated by Film i Skåne.

Sveriges Television
Sveriges Television (SVT) is the Swedish national public TV broadcaster. SVT is a public service company whose mission is based on a democratic idea. Their activities are conducted independently of political, commercial and other interests in society and financed by television fees. SVT mirrors and is available throughout the country.

Sørfond– the Norwegian South Film Fund is one of the international commitments of NFI. The overall objective of the fund is to strengthen film as a cultural expression and to stimulate the production of films in developing countries. Sørfond grants co-productions between producers from countries on the OECD’s DAC-list and Norwegian minority producers. Sørfond has co-produced 15 feature-length fiction and documentaries of which many have been invited to prestigious film festivals throughout the world.