IBNI – director Lafi Abood (UAE)
Swedish co-producer: Fikra AB

lafi-aboodAutism has been brought into the public eye. Ibni reveals that the incidence of autism worldwide had been increasing at an alarming rate many years before social changes began to compensate for strained resources. Undiagnosed and untreated, a generation of children with autism has reached adulthood in dire need of care. Ibni follows five mothers as they face the limitations of becoming older and struggle to secure the increased support their sons will need.


The history of Belly Dancing – director Kamal Abdelaziz (Egypt)
Swedish co-producer: Laika Film & Television

kamalabdelazizIt’s the story of belly dancing, where it originates from and other unknown details. The film documents the relationship between the pharaohs and the gypsies that immigrated a thousand years BC from the Hindu River in India to European and oriental countries. After the common era, the dance moved from the temples to bars and slave markets to become a payed service. It’s necessary to know that, in order to understand how women were exploited in different communities, cultures and times.


Chopped – director Karam Ali (Palestine)
Swedish co-producer: HB PeÅ Holmquist Film  

karam-aliPalestinian youth across the West Bank face increased violence at the hands of the occupying military, the Palestinian Authority struggles to maintain some semblance of control. While police numbers grow and coordination with their Israeli counterparts deepens, a group of young men at the edges of Palestinian society struggle to maintain the stability of their once thriving trade. For these thieves and choppers of Israeli cars, a livelihood is threatened –but is that all that’s at stake?