In the Land of Wonder – director Nadine Khan (Egypt)
Swedish co-producer: Anagram

nadine-khan-1In this film adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland”, our heroine is a ten-year-old girl who has grown up in the chaos of contemporary Cairo. One day she finds Samir, the rabbit who works with her magician father, running out of their apartment with a cell phone to his ear. The girl chases after him and is led through a transformed Cairo even odder than the one she calls home.



Disruptive Servant – director Amal Al-Agroobi (UAE)
Swedish co-producer: Solid Entertainment

amal-al-agroobe-1The Hallbergs are a Swedish family living in Oman. Felix, his wife Ida and their three children Pia, Emma and Fredrik. When Pia takes a keen interest in the occult and attempts to summon her demonic self, she unleashes a powerful spirit that torments her family through terrifying and supernatural occurrences.




200 Meters – director Ameeh Nayfeh (Palestine)
Swedish co-producer: Way Creative

ameehnayfeh-1MUSTAFA lives 200 meters apart from his family, separated by a wall. His wife and children live on the Israeli side, Mustafa on the Palestinian side – he is only allowed to pass by his family for an hour after work. When his son has an accident, Mustafa embarks on a journey to cross the wall with a smuggler and a wild mix of other people. A distance of 200 meters becomes a 200 kilometer journey.



Parched – director Suha Arraf (Palestine)
Swedish co-producer: Momento Films

suhaarraf-1Parched tells the story of Nabila and Shams, two sisters who were matched to two brothers in an arranged marriage. The peaceful life the two couples enjoy, in an isolated Palestinian village, comes to a end when Nabila’s much younger husband dies just as her sexual awakening is at its peak. Without her man to satisfy her urges, and the threat of their land being confiscated, Nabila discovers her femininity and self-reliance.



Birds of Paradise – director Mohamed Al-Daradji (Iraq)
Swedish co-producer: Laika Film & Television

mohamed-aldaradji-1Baghdad, December 2006: Miriam sits at the helm of an old bus. Her clothing, manner and outlook on life defy stereotypes. She drives through the chaotic streets of Baghdad, collecting children from the many destitute and hostile districts around the city. Causing hindrance is Hassan; a morally corrupt police officer. Exhausted by grief and the labor of clearing the dead from the banks of the Tigris River, it is Miriam and her students that will lead him to rediscover his humanity.