The Gold Chain – director Abbe Hassan (Sweden)
Swedish co-producer: Indian Summer Films

abbe-hassanAdam is six years old and lives in a bombed city in Syria. Most of the time he lives in a shelter with his little sister, mother and some neighbors. He spends his days listening to the radio, to the football broadcasts and playing football outside when the city is not bombed. They have very little food and almost no water. One day when he is out playing he finds a gold chain.


Barakat – directors Manon Nammour, Nicolas Khabbaz (Lebanon)
Swedish co-producer: Chantal Hannouch

manon-nammournicolas-khabbazGaby, a 35 years old Lebanese man, who lived 18 years abroad, is coming to Lebanon to get married with his wife a second time in order to please his parents and the social traditions. The film takes place in one day when Gaby decides to go with his grandfather, Gebran 85 years, to Beirut to fix their new tuxedos.


The Barber – director Melanie Aronson (Sweden)
Swedish co-producer: L&M Björkman Productions AB

melanie-aronsonFadi, a Syrian refugee who works as a barber in a refugee camp in Southern Sweden, provides a neutral ear for the various ethnic and political groups in the camp, awaiting decisions about their futures. Fadi’s customers reveal the struggles of every day immigrant life and the dynamics between the groups within the camp. When Fadi gets a new client, he is forced to question his own values, which are already challenged by life in Sweden. He must make a potentially life-altering decision that may alleviate the pain from his past but may change his future forever.”


If Toys can Speak – director Maria Abdel Karim (Lebanon)
Swedish co-producer: Chantal Hannouch

maria-abdel-karimWhat would you do when the game you once played turns out to be the source of your own distraction? To Little Adam (age 8) and Noor (age 6) it was just another perfect day for them to spread their toys and play together their favorite game, not knowing that a small mistake could cause them their life and the complete destruction of everything surrounding them.


Wanderings – director Rola Shamas (Lebanon)
Swedish co-producer: Klara Film

rola-shamasThe story of 60+ Palestinian asylum seekers from Gaza who have been in Sweden between 2 to 10 years. Sweden has declared Gaza a safe place to live, issued rejection letters and has tried to acquire Egyptian visa to send them back. The asylum seekers disagree and are resisting the deportation decision. In September 2015 they started a peaceful protest in front of the Swedish Migration board in Malmö and set up tents