The Exhibition area is a space dedicated to showcasing film professionals, companies and organizations during the MAFF Market Forum, open to all guests with MMF Accreditation.


The exhibition area proudly presents a wide range of exhibitors, from umbrella organizations in film promotion to production companies and news outlets. It is an excellent opportunity to  learn about the exhibiting professionals and extend your network.


The Exhibition is housed in Christinehof at MAFF Market Forum, next to the rooms of the Forum.


The participating Exhibitors 2016 are:



Arab Camera Festival

Arab Cinema Center

Arab Cinema in Sweden

Film Clinic

La Voix du Soudan

Laika Film & Television AB

Luxor African Film Festival

MAD Solutions

Moroccan Center for Cinematography


Oman Film Society


Seat 26

Southern Sweden Creatives

The Producers

The Imaginarium Films